Tuesday, December 9, 2008

our very first Christmas Tree at home

this is mine and mr K's first year putting up a tree in our own place. we normally just go and enjoy Mimi aka Grammie & Papa's BIG tree at their house...but this year i decided since mr K aka shnookie doodles is more aware and totally knows who e-claus aka santa claus is we would decorate and get all into it! our little 4 ft tree is a little bigger than shnookie doodles and he proclaimed that this is HIS tree. :o)

here is mr K singing jingle bells (joo-joo bells) at the top of his lungs and dancing for mommy!

notice the singing elmo stocking in the photo with our little tree. elmo sings jingle bells and moves and thanks to mr K - he sings it all day long (pretty much) another thing mr K insisted on that he just had to have, and yes, i the mommy - gave in.
yay me!
here is mr K calling "e-claus" to let him know we finished with our tree and that we are ready for him to bring mr K's horsey that mr K also insists he must have for Christmas!

i have to say since mr K has come along, Christmas has become that much more FUN! at the same time we do remember what the true meaning of Christmas is and we are so grateful for being able to celebrate it together and with all our family, friends and bloggers!
Hugs- Love- Peace- Blessings!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i am thankful....

.for a beautiful healthy son.
.for a roof over our heads.
.for a car that is paid for.
.for a wonderful caring family.
.for a job.
.for my health.
.for the people I love.
.for the beautiful fall colored leaves.
.for kisses & I love you’s from mr K.
.for my son’s presence everyday.
.for mr K's smiles.
.for mr K going to bed when he should.
.for mr K's fro.
.for mr K's "I wuv ewww Mommy"s.
.for the heater under my desk at work keeping me warm.
.for forgiveness.
.for God.
.for Jesus.
.for an awesome church with awesome pastors.
.for friends old – present & new.
.for friends like Ellie & Irene & Doris (to name a few), no matter how much time has passed, it's still the same.
.for favors in the nick of time.
.for making all the green lights on the way to work.
.for just enough gas to make it all the way home from work when I realized I left my wallet at home.
.for mr K’s hugs & laughter.
.for my nephew Noah’s wonderful journey.
.for family at Thanksgiving time.
.for the many prayers (even from strangers all over the world) that blessed my nephew.
.for my grandma & grandpa Anspach, because they made me a big part of who I am.
.for a place to go when this place ends.
.for creativeness.
.for Tonia (she rocks) & all she does for mr K. while Mommy brings home the bacon.
.for "babysitters" when Mommy needs a little me time.
.for always having someone (my mr K) to look forward to seeing when I get off work.
.for lower gas prices.
.for the sermons at church, they always hit home.
.for love.
.for 6 cheese pizza.
.for chocolate.
.for sacrifices so many have made for our country & other countries & our freedom.
.for my mom & dad & all they do.
.for wonderful artwork made by my son.
.for my brother PJ & Melanie being back in NC.
.for the lil mexican place next door, they do my chicken taco's just right.
.for PJ's quirkyness that always makes me smile.
.for my sister and her strength & beauty.
.for Noah.
.for Noah.
.for Noah.
.for Noah.
.for my dreams, even ones that seem faded.
.for new dreams & new ideas.
.for my writing.
.for God’s arms that hold me up every time I feel like I am falling & I sure do fall a lot.
.for unconditional love.
.for breathing when I feel like I can’t.
.for the tears I cry & the smiles that come later - because it means I am alive.
.for facebook and finding old faces I thought I had lost forever.
.for my son.
.for my son.
.for my son.
.for my son.
.for my son.
.for my son.
.for my son.
.for my son.

mr K and is Thanksgiving Creativeness! :)

mr Noah and mr Kai posing for their Christmas Cards :)

*~*~ Peace n Love ~*~*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sweet tooth

candy cane kisses in a milky snow blizzard cream
swirling concoctions of delicious sweet peppermint morsels on my lips
experiencing sugar overload from thoughts of moon drops drizzling across my face and I see decadent fragments that come together in colorful M&M pieces
a polychromatic union of marshmallow manifestation in a milk chocolate Hershey bar s'more graham cracker vision
I exhale and breathe in vanilla and cherry vapors tumbling into my liquorish senses of taste fresh strawberry preserves jam to a dancing peanut butter sexy tango,
missile toe manifestation leave kisses of no obligation and
hearts invest in all pie of lemon meringue,
dipping my inhibitions in streusel and swimming in silk chocolate frosting
that ripples in between my daydreams and out into my life
on a sugar high my mind travels across tantalizing mountains of apple crumb cake and ice cream caves, surfing valentine heart candy waves
peach cobbler beaches with coconut raindrops and cookie dough umbrellas
getting lost in 7 layers of delectable whip cream clouds,
gumdrops hugging the inside of my cheeks and mouth singing sweet tarts into my reality and waking up to a mixed candy fruit flavored edible rainbow parfait with semi-sweet tang on the tip of my tongue in a titillating tingle tied up in a reverie of palatable explosions that drift off
into an orange cream exuberant embrace of gooey melancholy caramel with a sugary glaze leaving me in a daze of twisted peaceful pecan clusters
over dark bittersweet chocolate covered cherry bliss with just a taste of butterscotch pudding gloss on my lips in a kiss of i love you delish,
vanilla wafer dipped hugs hiding in a banana pudding cream,
throw on your cracker jack jeans & find a secret surprise in the pockets
tumble down a water slide of juicy sweet watermelon drifting into a delicate sugar storm of berry jubilee showers
traveling down a candy coated almond and jelly bean path, sucking on lemon drops
holding hands on the way then resting on cream cheese chocolate covered cupcakes filling our pockets with turkish delights - sneaking small bites
fall asleep with me on cinnamon sands under keylime trees
with lime green mint leaves,
gazing behind your eyes in mouth watering colors that fill up
every corner of your mind
lost in a belly full of sweet cravings and tasteful distractions under powdered sugar sleeping dust and pillows of assorted tooth-achingly sugary wafers,
take down your irresistible delicious inhibitions and pull up your high fructose sleeves and then fall asleep with me again under a mango candy sunset and fresh wintergreen breeze…..please.

Amy E Preddy © Copyright 2008

Halloween 2008

please meet mr. Noah aka Moo Moo with his mommy Anna-Lisa (my sis) & our other celebrity of the evening.....mr. K aka (shnookie doodles) aka mr. ScareCrow (with his papa) :)

mr K "carving" a pumpkin at daycare

mr K with his daycare buddies

"twoot or tweet" (trick or treat)

Peace out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Baby is a 2 Year Old TODDLER today!!!!

first day going home!

I wanted to share.....as you all probably know by now, my little bald headed baby is now officially my super duper curly headed 2 year old toddler TODAY!
Yes, Kai has turned the BIG TWO today.....September 10, 2008.
My once brand new teeny tiny 6lb even, beautiful little fellow is now a long and lean 25 something pounder who chatters non stop, runs and jumps in single bounds with scraped up bruised little legs with occasional band-aids here and there. He tells me NO - most of the time, but he gives me HUGS, LOVE, and KISSES normally whenever I ask.....sometimes even on his own. :o) He tells me when he wants to eat-eat, or wants some "ice" aka drink.
He tells me "bye bye Mommy, see you later" when I drop him off at school with Ms. Tonia and friends and blows me kisses. He snaps his fingers and claps and dances when a song is on that grooves him. He independently likes to walk and follow me when we leave in the mornings or I pick him up in the afternoons (sometimes we still want Mommy to pick us up and carry us). He climbs into the car on his own and fastens the top part of his car seat by himself, and then proudly proclaims YAY Mommy!)....he climbs into his own seat at the dinner table when it is time to eat, wipes his "icky" fingers and hands when he done eating. He climbs up on the stool and washes his hands and brushes his teeth by himself (of course Mommy does help with some of the teeth brushing *smile*)
He is becoming such the little person....he can say a lot of his ABC's and recognize some of them now, same with numbers and colors. He still loves the Backyardigans and is even more mesmerized by the colorful singing dancing characters and he will bring me the remote as soon as he WAKES UP, or we come home etc....and tell me "Pablo Mommy" (Pablo is the Penguin) He interacts with what they are doing on the TV now, so cool. He can open the doors by himself, lock them etc....including locking himself in Mommy's BATHROOM! *whew* more than once.....
He sings songs, he says his prayers (Awwww-Me [amen]). He can ask for "help" both verbally and in sign language - he can do quite a bit of signing actually. He can tell you "cheese" when it is time to take a photo (but take the photo quick! As fast as he says cheese, is as fast as he has moved on to something else, which means I get a lot of photos of the side or back of his head....lol)
I just can not believe he is 2. People were not kidding me when they told me that the time would FLY by after I gave birth to him.....
I now believe them, more than ever.

He is still just as amazing to me as he was the first time I set eyes on him on September 10, 2006, he fills me with the utmost indescribable love and joy and a certain peace filled with unsureness, if that makes sense? :o) He bewilders and baffles me, he makes me laugh, he gives me small heart attacks, he makes me think I am crazy sometimes (most of the time) and maybe "I am not the "best" Mommy out there" feeling...but then he smiles at me with his BIG GORGEOUS gray eyes and wraps his arms around my neck giving me a big hug (and he always says "oooohhhhhhh" when he does this) and gives me his soap opera kiss....and I know, okay, MAYBE I AM doing this whole Mommy thing right! Right?
I guess time can only tell, 2 years down and oh so many more to go - and I am looking forward to them ALL![I just wish they would slow down a little bit more]
I totally believe in cherishing every bit of time you get with your babies, children, teenagers, family & friends.Life is actually very short and goes flashing by before you know it. When your house is a mess and laundry is piled up - who cares - seriously - ENJOY that little one running around - because before you know it - they will be 2....5......10....18....25.....30....etc...and that darn messy house and laundry will ALWAYS be there.......trust me.....but the toddler with the curious eyes, endearing smile and infectious laughter, banged up knees and craves YOUR attention, he/she will grow up way to quick and, trust me, you just don't want to miss ANY BIT of it!
Happy Birthday to my Sweetie Kai, my Shnookie Doodles, My Baby Boy.....I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I just can NOT say it enough! I am so proud of you little one! You are Mommy's BLESSING ALWAYS!
Love, Love, Love, Love...
.....a walk down memory lane below.....